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SAN FRANCISCO (June 28, 2000) -- San Francisco entrepreneur Diana Flynn set out with a disarmingly simple goal: To make a better dog toy. She and her Chocolate Lab, Dylan, had moved into a new loft space, and Flynn felt the old dog toys looked lackluster next to her stylish new furniture. She decided to develop a toy for Dylan that was striking in its design yet functional enough for an energetic dog. With the help of an industrial designer and Dylan as chief product tester, Flynn developed the Bettie, a colorful rubber toy that's designed to be fun for a dog and fun for a human.

Just introduced, the unique three-pronged Bettie ($20) is available in five hip two-color designs, each with a whimsical name. While dogs can chew, tug and fetch the Bettie to their heart's content, the sleek look and creative design make it suitable for leaving out on the living room floor or for collecting as a set. Flynn dubbed her new product "Bettie" to give it some personality and to expand on her theme of fun.

"I think people today have higher expectations for functionality and design, even for the most simple products," observes Flynn. "I wanted a dog toy that would keep my dog entertained, yet also looked really stylish."

Made of non-toxic, high-performance rubber and plastic, the Bettie is ideal for chewing (by the dog!), throwing and tug-o-war, and its hollowed out ends provide stash holes for dog treats. Color options include Retrievin' Raspberry, Tug-O-War Tangerine, Sittin' Citrus, Roll Over Red and Barking Arctic.

The Bettie will be available in August nationwide at selected pet boutiques and home accessory stores and through in mid September. It is also available in Japan. For additional information, call (415) 777-9506 or visit the company's web site at

Diana Flynn, a high-tech marketing consultant, started her business, Otis and Claude, Inc., in 1999 in San Francisco. The Bettie is the company's first product in what she plans to be a line of "fetching dog toys." A long-time dog owner, Flynn also has extensive marketing experience with such companies as Apple Computer, Cisco Systems and Sun Microsystems. # # #