Dogs. They're loyal. They're playful. They're full of love and slobber. And they're why Diana Flynn founded Otis and Claude. From her involvement with the foster program at San Francisco Animal Care and Control to her beloved Chocolate Lab, Dylan, her canine affinity has become the driving force in her professional life. Lucky for dogs she also has a solid marketing and business background. So they can count on fetching Otis and Claude toys for many pooch years to come.


The unbelievable story of Otis and Claude

Long ago on the not-so-far away Farallon Islands, there lived two dogs named Otis and Claude. They were seal dogs, as they protected the islands' seal population from great white sharks and jellyfish. Mostly great whites, though. Otis and Claude were brave protectors, barking mightily whenever they smelled a great white. The seals learned to bark, too, but Otis and Claude were a lot better at it. In times of ferocious shark attacks, it is said that Otis and Claude would fearlessly plunge into the water together, one staying above to bark and kick about, the other diving beneath the water to bite and gnaw on the gills of the great whites. So it is said. And so we chose the name Otis and Claude, the great protectors of seals, as our company name. Because making designer dog toys is kind of like protecting seals from great white sharks. Kind of.

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