CONTACT: Diana Flynn
Otis and Claude, Inc.

ALLENTOWN, PA (July 9, 2004) - Otis and Claude, once again, delivers on its mission to make better dog products by introducing Dixie & Spike — the grooviest duo since Captain and Tennille. This newly developed downtown couple is in keeping with the company's design strategy of mixing modern and nostalgic to create products that appeal to discriminating dogs and their humans.

These rectangular shaped cotton canvas polyfilled tug toys are connected by a nylon rope, and capture the essence of urban chic: Dixie is styling in a polka-dot ensemble, funky boots and an Otis and Claude handbag, while Spike is out and about in his Elvis Costello glasses, a sharp new haircut and an outfit straight out of the Metrosexual handbook. "Dogs love to tug but there's no reason for them to play with some ratty old rope toys," says Diana Flynn, company founder. "Dixie and Spike is our way of making playtime more playful".

Also available as part of this new Retro line are Sputnik, a playful throwback to the late 50's Russian Space program and Mod Squad, a zany mid-century brown and blue patterned rendition. These groovy new toys also come with whacky sounds such as "I Love You" in place of the typical squeaky. Each costs $14 (L) and $10 (S).

The company also announces a U.S. distribution relationship with Due Erre, an Italian dog bakery whose Booby decadent all-natural dog biscotti are enjoyed by international pets throughout Europe. These dog treats come in several unique flavors including apple, tuna, vegetable and pork and help in cleaning and strengthening dogs teeth as well as aiding in digestion. Each flavor is distinguished by its own colorful box and features the goofy orange Booby dog character the company is known for. These imported dog snacks are available in 400 gram boxes and bags and cost $3.00 and up. It won't be long until all ex pat Italian Greyhounds, English Bulldogs and French Poodles will be sipping espresso, enjoying Booby biscotti and arguing the pros and cons of unification at cafes across the America.

Dixie & Spike, Sputnik and Mod Squad are available in pet boutiques, home accessory and gift specialty stores, catalogs, and web sites nationwide late this summer. Booby dog treats will begin shipping in early fall.

Otis and Claude, Inc. is headquartered in Allentown, PA. In keeping with the company's goal of making better dog products, the Retro tug toy line and the Booby biscotti are the latest in an ever-growing line of design-driven products for dogs and their humans. # # #