Truthfully. This is how it happened.

Early in the 1950s, somewhere between Mount St. Helens and South Squim, there lived a family of Yeti, more commonly referred to as Big Foots. One morning the youngest of the swollen-footed family (who, even at 2 years, already had bigger feet than Shaquille O'Neal) was out scoping a nearby campsite, searching for lone tent dwellers to step on. Suddenly he was frightened by a tiny, he didn't know what, because he'd never seen a dog before. This was no ordinary dog either. It was a mysterious hybrid of weinerpoodle, a bloodline believed by breeders to produce some of the fiercest mutts known to man. Upon seeing the snarling hybrid, the young Yeti screamed like only a Yeti could, which sent the dog into a fit of fuming barks and growls. The angry mutt then bit down hard on the Big Foot's left big foot. The dissonance was loud enough to catch the attention of one Otis Horne and one Claude Hopper, two small-footed campers who were hiking nearby. As they reached the scene, they witnessed the strange creature attacking the Yeti and immediately called it off. They then made friends with the tall, hairy beast by offering it some stink bait. Later that night, as Otis and Claude sat around the campfire with their new furry friend, they told stories and made smores. And they laughed and slapped their knees hard each time the Yeti tried to tell them that his dogs were barking from the vicious attack earlier. They laughed because he didn't make any sense. It was just a lot of weird noises coming out of his mouth. Thus Otis and Claude became the inspiration behind our company name. Because we figured that chewing on designer dog toys is probably safer for dogs than chewing on Yeti feet.